With all our reprogramming, the customer can select any parameters or options. Everything is custom and never any extra charges. Select your - rpm limiter, speed limiter, cooling fan points, fuel octane to use etc. Not just our defaults.

- remapped ignition timing for better power and throttle response.  (Both 87 Octane + 91 Octane Tuning available)

- remapped torque limiting (better power and throttle response) 

- Remapped fuel delivery addresses stock lean spots and lowers exhaust temperatures.

- can be mapped for exhaust changes. 

- lower cooling fan thresholds greatly lowers engine temperatures

- Speed limit raise or removed.

- Higher rpm limit (+500 to +1200) Allows engine modifications, camshafts and increases top speed obtainable in both low gear and high range.

- The extended low range rpm makes it much more usable removing the need to switch between gears in many instances.