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Note: All USA RZR TURBO customers (except RS1) go to USA Outlet for any ecu reprogramming. 

With all our reprogramming, the customer can select any parameters or options. Everything is custom and never any extra charges. Select your - rpm limiter, speed limiter, cooling fan points, fuel octane to use etc. Not just our defaults.

Special Options for turbos. let you choose to have aggressive power and build boost (power) quickly or have boost build linearly with speed. This can save wear and tear on belts and drivetrain components. Note: All options are vast improvements over stock. 

2016 - Soft map:  linear boost with speed, 10 psi (+4 psi at 100 kmh) with +8hp on acceleration to +20hp at high speed.

- Remapped ignition timing  (Both 91 Octane + 93-94 Octane Tuning available)

- Remapped throttle control (better power and throttle response) 

- Remapped torque limits - load and temperature (better power and throttle response) 

- Increased power, increased torque, (both peak and all over), much quicker rpm's

- Remapped boost control provides more linear boost with consistency in power delivery

- Consistent power delivery at all times. 

- Remapped fuel delivery addresses stock lean spots and lowers exhaust temperatures.

- Can be mapped for exhaust changes. 

- Lower cooling fan thresholds greatly lowers engine temperatures. Helping engine longevity, rider comfort, exhaust heat, and helps power by not heating the incoming fresh air near as much

- Speed limit raise or removed.

- Higher rpm limit (+500 to +1200) Allows engine modifications, camshafts, clutching headroom and increases top speed obtainable in both low gear and high range.

- The extended low range rpm makes it much more usable removing the need to switch between gears in many instances.

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