Monster Fi promotes the tried and true Dynojet PCFC. Well priced, well featured. 


With a little massaging the PCFC becomes a very capable fuel tuner dub'd the MFPC.

'aka' The: Monster Fi Petrol Controller

In-Field adjustments right on device let you switch between 10 different maps and adjust up to +/- 12% in 3 specific zones for each application. Canam ATV example of:

– Idle and Cruise (1000-4000rpm)

– Mid Range (4000-7000rpm)

Top End (7000rpm +)

Cracking open the Monster Tuning software gives:

– Full Digital gauges indicating Throttle Position, RPM, Input Pulsewidth from ecu, Injector Duty Cycle, Tuner Fuel Adjustment, Active Map (panel switch position), On Device fuel settings pre 3 zones. Total fuel adjustment (from map table + device in-field settings) Table tracer to show Active cell in table while engine is running. 

– User choice of 4 map sizes. 


MFPC device can easily be configured by end user to:

– switch advanced mode (1 tuning table per cylinder) or basic mode (single table for both cylinders)
– change rpm spread from 500rpm points to 250 rpms points. 
– Any particular table size can be loaded to any or all 10 maps positions. So if you like one particular set-up, you can have that table size across all maps.
– Add user notes to any tune. Or read notes for any downloaded or installed tune.

A small easy 6 point map for quick learning and setting of basic bolt on modifications or better tuning factory tuning to make exhaust run cooler etc. 

A mid sized 8 point map that offers finer tuning at low throttle positions than the Easy Table 6. 

A big sized 14 point table for those tuner guys who have a bit of experience or for modifications that need the control. 

A super sized full 18 point table for the ultimate in control to tune in anything thrown in front of it. The only device of this caliber. 

The difference between a factory PCFC vs the MFPC:

- Monster makes the rpm points of the 3 adjustment pots usable for each engine setup. Low will cover idle and cruise. Mid will cover mid. And High will cover wide open throttle. We will tell you the rpm points for each application. 

- Monster then offer more fuel % adjustment with the trim pots. (+/- 12%) which extends the on-device adjustments without software use. 

The greatest improvement:

- We manipulate the throttle position points to make 4 new table sizes. This makes it both easier for the novice to tune and adjust (Smaller tables). As well as the professional or difficult engine build to have the control needed (Larger tables).

A standard PCFC has 10 positions of throttle points. 

MFPC 6 point table: This gives an incredibly easy view and understanding of the complete engine operating range. You can quickly identify and adjust areas like idle, cruise, deceleration, mid range, acceleration, wide open throttle without extra confusing cells or a huge table that looks intimidating. 

MFPC 8 point table: This gives the same easy use as above but adds in 2 throttle points at low openings. This gives finer control for modifications that swing in a non linear fashion. Like bored out or larger throttle bodies or camshafts. 

MFPC 14 point table: This is the standard size table for familiar or advanced tuners. It gives complete control with more throttle points than ANY device on the market. 

MFPC 18 point table: This gives more even detail control and gives the user just as much control as being inside the factory ecu. But what comes with more control is more cells needing to be tuned. So its left for the more advanced users. Or some engine builds just need to have the control to get optimally tuned. 

All other functions are the same.


- You can select between Basic single table tuning or Advanced dual table tuning. RPM points can be 500rpm or 250rpm. 

- You can find your favourite table size of throttle points and rpm points and have that through all maps if you wish. Or just the ones you use. 

- The MFPC (like the PCFC) holds 10 fuel maps. And are selectable on the fly by a trim pot.


10 maps are handy for having many preset maps to try out.

Or running different configurations, fuels, muffler or tip outlets, clutch setups etc.

And for making new maps by going through preset map and selecting which maps work best under different throttle or rpm ranges and then combining your results into a new map (or maps). Then test those. It makes fine tuning a breeze without the need for a laptop to be close by.  

The MFPC can be used as any user wants. With tuning software or without. And covers the complete need of any Fuel Tuner. All with a great price. 

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